Pamper Yourself Pretty With Inexpensive All Natural Beauty Products

Pamper Yourself Pretty With Inexpensive All Natural Beauty Products

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Whoever said all beauty comes naturally must have missed the memo. Maintaining your beauty routine can be expensive. Those beauty companies are well aware of the market here in Canada. The NPD Group, a market research group, recently reported that in 2014 Canadians spent $1.4 billion dollars on their beauty routines. This puts Canada as the number one market for beauty, edging out the US.

That is good news for those of us who love to try new products and want more selection. The question is what is in all of our products? Check out this great article from Fix that gives an overview of the most common chemicals lurking in your makeup bag and ideas for solutions.  They also include some of the major health risks that each chemical poses. Some of these health risks include reduced fertility, links to breast cancer, diabetes, links to thyroid problems and hormone imbalances.

Organic and natural products remove chemicals, but can be pricier than the product you are replacing. A concerned frugal diva can make some homemade pampering products for a fraction of the cost. So have fun, personalize them and go crazy with these ideas!

Facial Masks and Scrubs

These yummy facial masks and scrubs are simple and made from items in your kitchen. You typically apply a facial scrub to your face when the pores on your skin are open, which means that even more of the product and chemicals will be absorbed into your skin. That makes using a natural alternative a priority.

My absolute favourite mask is simply mashed banana, oatmeal and honey. Mix all three ingredients together then gently splash warm water on your face. Apply mask gently working it in with your fingertips. Leave for 10-15 minutes then rinse your face.

The banana will moisturize your skin and make it feel soft. Some have even called banana nature’s botox as it leaves your skin super soft. Oatmeal will gently exfoliate any dead skin cells on your face. Honey will kill any bacteria on your skin, which helps reduce and prevent blemishes. Soft and supple, your skin has a nice refresher for a small percentage of what a bottled mask would cost you. For more great mask ideas, check out this great article Eva wrote on helping 6 Beauty Masks to Improve Your Winter Skin.

Eye Cream

Now that your skin is glowing, we want to keep it that way. One of my weaknesses is a good quality eye cream. I really hate the droopy circles and skin crinkles that can form around my eyes. The skin there is delicate. I have easily dropped $20-$50 on a quality eye cream.

Lesson learned. I can make my own eye cream at home for a fraction of that cost. Try this simple recipe from One Good Thing By Jillie. The ingredient list is simple,  Coconut oil and vitamin E capsules. You can find both at your local health store or have Well.cadeliver it to your door. The combination should cost you about $20 to get you started. You can also add an essential oil if you want your moisturizer to smell even nicer. In a pinch I have used a smidge of real (not imitation!) vanilla extract in my homemade beauty products from my pantry.  If you have not yet jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon here is a great list from Wellness Mama of 101 uses for Coconut Oil to use up the rest of the jar.

Lip Stain

There are multiple to make your own lip-gloss or stain. The yummiest way is to mash some berries, strain the juice and then mix it with a small amount of oil such as olive oil or warmed coconut oil. While the colour on this stain is great, I find that it only lasts about a week before I have to make more. You can make multiple containers by buying lip balm containers (or contact lens cases!) and keeping them in the freezer until you are ready to use.


This one I have not tried myself but I had to include it. Foundation is something I am adding to my face every single day. I am not a full-face foundation user, but I do use it to even out the skin colour in my T-zone and across my cheeks. I would give this foundation a try made out of spices and arrowroot powder from Thank Your Body. It may take patience to get the perfect colour for your skin. I am not completely sold that this will replace what I currently use, but I am willing to try it. In addition, the cocoa, cinnamon and nutmeg would smell nice and I already have them in my pantry.

I do want to mention dear Bargainmoosers, that homemade beauty products do not always have the lifespan of their store counterparts. Check out this great article on how to keep your beauty products safe from Thank Your Body. They give great tips such as keeping water and light away from your homemade goodies that can cause the products to break down.

Bargaionmoosers, what beauty product would you like to replace with a more natural version?

(Image Credit: Goldener Berg)


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