This Hidrate Bottle Tracks How Much Water You Drink

This Hidrate Bottle Tracks How Much Water You Drink

Most of us know we should drink more water, but busy schedules make it tough to actually know if we're getting enough.

But what if your water bottle actually reminded you to take a sip? Well, the fine people at Hidrate Spark have done just that. The Hidrate Spark 2.0 smart water bottle tracks how much water you drink each day and glows to remind you to drink more. Once you’ve reached your daily goal, you can celebrate!

It's made from BPA-free Titan plastic and has a sensor that automatically records how much you drink and transfers that information to the Hidrate app, which tracks your progress.

The bottle holds 710 ml of water, and if you lose it, a map shows you the last place you and the bottle paired up. Plus, if you need a little extra motivation, you can view your friends' progress through the app, too! It also pairs with all kinds of fitness trackers.

It comes in five colours, but only the black, white, pink and blue bottles are in stock right now on the Hidrate website. The bottle is $54.95 USD (so about $71.69 CAD) and shipping to Canada is $15 USD (read: an extra $19.57 CAD).

The Canadian price is a bit hefty but refer a friend, and they get 10% off. Once they make their purchase, you'll get $7 off! Plus, you can also sign up for Hidrate's newsletter for a chance to win two bottles!

You can sometimes find the Hidrate Spark at, but they're sold out now.

And if you're looking for something similar (but that doesn't have quite the same price tag), also has the Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid on sale for $61.42 shipped (down from $80.99)!

Have you tried one of these bottles? Did you see them on sale? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Kelly W.

    I have this, And it's awesome! Pricey for living in canada! So finding friends to add is hard. (I have none) i added it to my fitbit app and the more steps i take. It will increase my water i need to drink :)

    • Maryse H.

      The duty on these is more than the cost of the bottles with shipping