DIY: Homemade Face Wipes

DIY: Homemade Face Wipes


Bargainmoosers, I spotted another quick and easy idea that I just had to share. How many of you out there love using disposable face wipes to remove makeup and oil? I love them! They are quick, convenient and I have yet to find one that irritates my skin. I am fussy about what I use to wash my face. Though I am always open to new products, I have had many products go awry and leave me with clogged pores.

The problem with these miracle wipes is they are not exactly budget friendly. Most packs on are $6 to $12 per pack and only contain 25 to 30 wipes. If you wash your face twice a day, that is two packs a month you will need to purchase.

Cut your costs by trying these homemade reusable face wipes (idea by Frugality Gal). For this project, you will need:

  • Two tablespoons of your favourite foaming facial wash
  • Three cups of warm distilled water
  • Two containers with lids
  • Minimum of seven washcloths
  • Large bowl and whisk from your kitchen

Warm the water until it is just warm to the touch, I recommend using the microwave over a kettle to avoid scalding. Pour half of your water and your facial wash into your bowl. Whisk together the soap and water so they become bubbly, then add your washcloths. (I would suggest using clean hands for this part!) After the wipes are saturated, squeeze out the excess liquid then stack them in one of your containers with a lid. The second container will be for face wipes that you have used and need to be washed.

Seven wipes should get you through half a week. You could make a double batch last a full week if you use them twice daily. Use these wipes for a quick wipe to remove all of your makeup and clean your face. Then run some water over the wipe to rinse any excess soap off your face.

This blogger suggests that she has no issues with mold. She mentioned that she keeps the lid open for air circulation purposes. It is also important that your water is distilled to avoid bacteria contaminating your wipes. I also highly recommend adding a few drops of tea tree oil into the mix. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that kills bacteria, is found at many health stores and is often used in beauty products. It can be strong in concentrated form, so add sparingly. I recommend starting with a small amount such as three to five drops into your solution and adjusting until you have a balanced amount for your skin. After you have used your wipes, simply throw them in the wash and then make the solution again for the next week. Not only is this solution much cheaper than the commercial wipes, it is more eco-friendly also.

Bargainmoosers, would you try these face wipes in your beauty routine?


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  • joy
    This would be great with baby washcloths! They are the perfect size!
    • Anna W.
      Oh good idea joy! I have a ton of those that I barely used with the babies!!
      • Kristy R.
        That's a great idea joy. I have a stack of those laying around too!