DIY 3 Ingredient Ice Melter!

DIY 3 Ingredient Ice Melter!


Winter is quickly coming, and soon things will be freezing. There is nothing worse than trying to get into your car to go to work, just to find the door frozen shut. Or what about trying to get to your car and falling flat on your rump when you slip on the ice at the bottom of the stairs? Not saying that has happened to me... but let's prevent it this year, shall we? So save this idea for the cold days ahead if you hate scraping ice off your car just to get inside. You can melt ice away in a snap with 3 simple ingredients that you probably already have around the house, and I am totally making a bottle of this to stash for the winter!

Here's what you're going to need:

  • 2 quarts warm water
  • 6 drops dish soap
  • 2 oz rubbing alcohol

You can make this mixture up in a large milk type jug, or even put it in a spray bottle for ease of use. It really helps if the water is warm, but it will work at room temperature as well. Just pour (or spray) your miracle ice melter mixture where ever the ice is, and voila. You will have rid of that pesky ice in no time. This is a great way to make your stairs or walk way safe without using salts that are bad for your pets and the environment. This is also a quick fix if a snow storm snuck up on you and you didn't have time to purchase salt or ice melter from the store.

There are a few different mixtures that are known to be "miracle ice melters" but after reading many reviews and watching plenty of  YouTube videos, I would say this one has the best success rate. The version that is just vinegar and water had a lot of people complaining that it failed them when they needed it most. There are several videos of this particular mixture I told you about, so have a look and prepare yourself for the cold that is coming. I know the past few days have been beautiful weather, but don't let that fool you. The cold will come, and the ice will come! Let's be prepared.

Moosers, have you tried a mix like this yet?


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  • Wayne S.
    "Spray wherever the ice is"? Dish soap can break down a cars protective wax layer and also be hard on rubber seals. Just search "dish soap to wash your car" and you will find this common warning.