Crocs Canada Sale Calendar: The Best Deals in 2018

Crocs Canada Sale Calendar: The Best Deals in 2018

Need a new pair of comfy shoes? Chances are, you can find what you're looking for at Crocs Canada – but can you get them on sale?

Crocs Canadais probably best known for their clogs that come in almost every colour of the rainbow. They might get a bad rap in the fashion world, but a lot has changed since the first Crocs came out. Now, the brand also sells some pretty stylish sandals, boots and flats.

And lucky for us, Crocs has a pretty solid sale section up and running at all times, and they also tend to hold flash sales and deals at least once a week – so almost no matter when you shop, you'll find something marked down.

However, some of their sales are better than others, and that's where we come in. We put together this Crocs sale calendar, so you'll know exactly when to shop to score the absolute best prices.

The Crocs Semi-Annual Clearance Event

Twice a year, Crocs holds their Semi-Annual Clearance Event. It's one of their biggest promotions of all, and it usually happens in the spring and then again in early September. Each time, the event typically lasts for a few days (over an entire weekend), and you can score shoes for 50% off or more!

The Crocs Canada End-of-Season Sale

Crocs Canada sells their sandals and boots year-round, but you can usually get them for the best prices during their End-of-Season Sales. As the name suggests, they hold one at the end of every quarter or so to clear out their seasonal stock. They're sometimes also known as the Crocs Spring Sale, Summer Sale, Fall Sale and Winter Sale, respectively, just in case you see those names instead.

Crocs Canada Doorbuster Deals

They're some of the steepest discounts you'll find on Crocs, and they're probably one of the brand's best-kept secrets. I'm talking about the Crocs Doorbuster Deals – those sales you absolutely don't want to miss. Every once in a while, Crocs will announce a set of Doorbuster discounts on their homepage. These special prices usually last for a week or so, but even if there aren't any visible on their site, you might still be able to score a deal. Just type "doorbuster" into their search bar to see!

Crocs Canada Weekend Sales

If there's one thing you can count on happening almost every weekend, it's a sale on Crocs. These weekend-long promotions usually run from Friday morning to Monday night, and some of them even begin as early as Thursday and run until Tuesday night. Each Crocs Weekend Sale is a little different, but it's worth checking out their site whenever the weekend rolls around. After all, you'll never know what deals you might score – and they're only on for a few days.

Crocs Canada Flash Sales

Every so often, something really special comes around at Crocs Canada. These flash sales are sometimes on for just a few hours (Mid-Day Flash Sales), a single day (24-Hour Sales) or over a couple days (48-Hour Sales). The deals are different each time, but trust me, they usually have some pretty incredible steals that you absolutely won't want to miss. Crocs Canada Sale Calendar: The Best Deals in 2018

Every Crocs Canada Holiday Sale in 2018

One of the best things about Crocs Canada is that they always seem to have some sale on – especially around the holidays. In fact, they run a new holiday promotion almost every single month of the year. So whenever there's a long weekend, you can usually count on a new deal!

New Year's Sale (January) – New year, new shoes, right? Well, that's exactly what you can get if you shop during the Crocs New Year's Sale. They ushered in 2018 with 25% off sitewide, and we're expecting something similar (or even better) for the start of 2019.

Spring Break Sale (March) – The best thing about the Crocs Spring Break Sale is that they usually run it at least a week or two before most kids are out for spring break – which means you can buy all the water shoes, sandals and flips you need for any family vacation you might have planned.

Easter Sale (April) – Over Easter, Crocs ran a Stock Up & Save Sale (which is basically a buy more, save more deal). You could score 20% off a single pair of Crocs, 25% off two pairs or 30% off three or more. There's no saying which deal will pop up next Easter, but stay tuned!

Mother's Day Sale (May) – The Crocs Victoria Day Sale is the perfect chance to pick up any sandals and water shoes you might need for the summer. In 2018, we saw almost everything sitewide marked down by 30% for the long weekend – including sale items.

Victoria Day Sale (May) – Victoria Day itself might only last one day, but this sale ran for an entire weekend. This past May Long, almost everything was an extra 30% off – including clearance items!

Father's Day Sale (June) – In mid-June, Crocs combined two major events: Father's Day and graduation season into their now-famous Dads and Grads Sale. Select styles across the site for men, women and kids were 40% off for an entire weekend.

Canada Day Sale (July) – This year's Crocs Canada Sale lasted for almost a full week, so there was plenty of time to grab all the red and white clogs your heart could desire. Almost everything across the site was marked down by 25% – and I'd expect to see something similar next year.

Labour Day Weekend Sale (September) – This Labour Day, Crocs ran not one but TWO different sales. First, they had a set of half-price Doorbuster deals specifically for the holiday weekend, and second, almost every other pair of shoes across the site was 25% off.

Black Friday Sale (November) – Every Black Friday, Crocs Canada breaks out some of their best deals of the year. In 2017, we saw almost everything in stock online marked down by at least 40% – so stay tuned to find out what's happening in 2018!

Boxing Day Sale (December) – Ready for this? Crocs runs both Pre-Boxing Day Sales and a Boxing Week Sale – which means you have even more time to score a deal after the holidays! But, of course, the biggest sales happen on Boxing Day itself, which is when you can usually score new shoes for up to 60% off – and even a few extra discounts on sale items. Crocs Canada Sale Calendar: The Best Deals in 2018

Tips for saving money year-round on Crocs

Check the Crocs sale section. No matter when you shop, you can find pretty sweet deals in the Crocs sale section. They usually have at least a few pairs for half-price, so what are you waiting for?

Sign up for the Crocs Canada newsletter. Do you have a Crocs Canada account yet? If you sign up for their newsletter, you'll get a coupon for 20% off your first order! So if you have your eye on something that isn't on sale yet (or if you're planning to place a big order), it's definitely worthwhile.

Buy more than one pair at once. In early 2018, Crocs Canada changed their free shipping policy. Now, they'll only waive the delivery fees on orders of at least $64.99 – so you might want to split an order with a friend or buy shoes for the whole family at once to save yourself the shipping costs.


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