Couch to 5K in 9 Weeks App For Free

Couch to 5K in 9 Weeks App For Free

You've probably heard people talking about this wonderful program already, and maybe you have also been interested in trying it out but don't know where to start. Today marks the first day of my Couch to 5K (in 9 weeks) journey, and I have to say I am totally impressed with this entirely free app and program. The C25K app is super user (and total noob) friendly, so go ahead and grab it and then keep reading.

The Couch to 5k in 9 weeks running program may be the best way for you to stick to your resolutions this year, and have fun while doing it. This app will have just about anyone going from the couch to running 5 kilometers in 30 minutes, in 9 weeks with a slow build up and lots of educational tools. I see a lot of my Facebook friends posting their progress and results and since I am the competitive type this is bound to keep me motivated. Social media has such magical powers, doesn't it?

I am a complete beginner when it comes to jogging or running - I had no idea what I needed to wear, how to monitor my heart, or any of that fun stuff. The C25K website and application have helped me with getting started and I am confident that anyone can get their body moving without spending a cent on this program. You may spend a few dollars on some active wear though (have you checked out Old Navy's active wear line?).

If you've never ran before, then I definitely suggest this website. Once I am done my Couch to 5K program, I am going to check out the Trail Running there for a change of scenery and a different type of endurance.

So, have you heard of this program? Are you going to give it a try?


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