Chocolate Milk Recalled for Presence of Sanitizer!?

Chocolate Milk Recalled for Presence of Sanitizer!?

Do you have a lot of chocolate milk in your household? If you buy it regularly like I do, then you will want to know about this recall. Beatrice brand Chocolate Partly Skimmed Milk has been recalled due to the presence of sanitizer. Yuck!

This recall applies to Beatrice brand Chocolate Partly Skimmed 1% Milk that has been distributed in Ontario and Quebec. The category of this recall alert is Chemical, and the alert is Class 3. You're don't want to drink this milk if it has been affected.

Here are the affected products:

If you do have some of the recalled chocolate milk in your household, you can either return it for your money back/store credit or throw it in the garbage. Just don't consume it! I am not sure what would happen if your child consumed a trace amount of sanitizer, but I am sure it wouldn't cause any good things to happen.

Moosers, do you have any of this chocolate milk in your house?


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  • Nadine B.

    That chocolate milk was tasting funky lately...Now I know why...

    • Kerralina K.

      Crap - we have drank half already

      • Noahsmum

        I encountered a long piece of plastic floating in my milk a few weeks back yet they said they couldn't do much about it if I didn't send it back to them. I wasn't home when I bought the milk so if you find anything keep it. I am afraid to buy anything from Beatrice now since milk is mainly consumed by my kids

        • Noahsmum

          I took pictures of it and the top of the carton as it has serial numbers on it yet they said they can't accept pictures.  I did get a letter in the mail with a voucher but really it was over 3 inches long.  

          • CuteSavings

            Wow! That is horrifying. We have to be so careful what our kiddos consume nowadays.

        • Jenni

          I'm 7 months pregnant and drink this constantly.  Is the sanitizer a hand sanitizer?  That's basically like drinking hard liquor!  What the hell is wrong with this company! 

          • CuteSavings

            I think it would be the sanitizer that they clean the machines or factory with. I am not sure if that would be better or worse than hand sanitizer. Yuck!

          • ashlea

            my children all 4 of them drink chocolate milk daily and beatrice is the number one we buy well not anymore. I'm a little concerned do I throw it all out or what do I do? My cartons in my fridge don't have the same Mr 17 code but they do share the same bar code thing. I'm worried. Definitely freaking out. 

            • CuteSavings

              Your best bet is to return the milk where you bought it. Show them the recall, they are bound to help out.

            • Iceriver

              I have found out the chemical name is Peracetic Acid that was found in the Beatrice Chocolate Milk.  This was consumed by my son....but no one can tell us of any health damage it can do or has done.  How is anyone supposed to find out?

              • Jordan

                my son drank it and he is sick now i didnt know about this recall at all what do i do its 5:54 in morning jeeze im soo mad atm