6 Brilliant Baby Hacks Every New Parent Needs Now

6 Brilliant Baby Hacks Every New Parent Needs Now

May 2nd is Baby Day! Did you guys know this? Me neither but let's go with it because, BABIES! Everyone loves babies, though there are days when you have one of your own at home that you kind of wish you could send them back. At least for an hour or two while you take a shower and a nap.

Unfortunately, free returns are not an option on this product.

Instead, here are a few brilliant baby hacks that make life with an infant just a little bit easier... and let you get back to enjoying your cute little bundle of joy to the fullest:

1. Layer Crib Bedding

Honestly, they should hand out pamphlets about this hack in the post-natal ward. It's simple, effective and one of the rare and valuable hacks that can actually help you get more sleep! Layer crib bedding like this—one waterproof mattress pad, one fitted sheet, another waterproof pad, another fitted sheet. If baby wets the sheets at night or during nap time, just peel off the first set (fitted and waterproof) and have a fresh, dry second set right underneath. OMG. NO more fumbling with sheets in the dark while baby lies on the floor wailing and everyone in the entire house gets woken up. (Image: Two Twenty One)

2. Pull Soiled Onsies Down, Not Up!

Did you guys know about this one?! I found out too late to use on my girls, but I feel rather silly about it now. I could have saved us a lot of really terrible messes! The envelope folds at at the shoulders of your babies onsies are there to allow you to pull them DOWN rather than trying to take a wet, soiled shirt up over their heads and all the inevitable smearing that goes along with it. Seems so obvious now. *Shakes head* Give it a try with this sweet Canadian pride onsie.

3. Balance A Tippy Stroller Using Ankle Weights

Every parent who uses the hang-the-diaper-bag on the stroller handles trick is all to familiar with the stroller-toppling-backwards problem that comes along with it. The moment you lift your baby out and let go of the stroller, blammo, the entire thing falls backwards. Solve this problem by securing ankle weights above the front wheels to balance the weight. So clever! See this and more awesome stroller hacks in this video from What's Up Mom.

4. Mesh Bag for Baby Socks and Onsies

This is a really great time saver—and sock-saver! If you think the dryer is eating your socks, just wait til it starts devouring teeny tiny baby socks. It's astounding how frequently they disappear. Keep them contained by using a mesh laundry bag. Toss dirty socks and onsies in it, then when you're ready to wash, the entire bag goes into the machine. Once clean, the entire thing gets tossed in the dryer too! No more lost socks. So smart.

5. Fitted Sheet Beach Blanket

Here's a brilliant one for all the beach babies out there! As summer nears and families flock to campsites and beaches to enjoy the weather, this is a fantastic and simple way to create a sand-free space for your babes to enjoy. We all love the feeling of sand between our toes, but I'd imagine it's not so pleasant in their diapers. Use an upside down fitted sheet with bags and coolers in the corners for a lightweight, easy to transport make-shift playpen. Pop up an umbrella for some shade and you've got yourself a perfect baby beach hack. I love it! (Image: Pinterest)

6. Baby Stations For the First 3 Months

It can be challenging to know what to do with a very small baby. That's why these newborn baby stations are so brilliant. Babies get tired of the same old play mat and bouncy seat quickly—having a few stations set up that you can rotate through is genius. The little circuit training system pictured above is for babies who are not yet able to roll over or crawl. Use a Boppy pillow for tummy time, blanket and mirror for side-lying and play mat or activity gym for time on their backs. Of course you'll need to supervise, and remember that tiny babies are happiest in your arms and need that physical connection more than anything. But these simple stations, if used properly, will help with development and bring you some precious hands-free time. For an in-depth look at each station, check out Can Do Kiddo, who designed the setup above.

What are your go-to life hacks for life with a new baby? It takes a village to raise these little ones, and we love when our own community shares their brilliant ideas!


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