5 Differences Between Your First & Second Pregnancy

5 Differences Between Your First & Second Pregnancy

Maybe you are expecting your second baby, or maybe you already have your second baby. Maybe you are even considering having another baby. I thought it was hilarious - all the differences between your first pregnancy and your second pregnancy as well as the differences between raising your first kid and your second kid. I mean come on, this can't just be a personal thing.

You Know The Next Page

During your second pregnancy, you will find that you have a lot less anxiety about what is going to happen next - or even what is happening to you now. You've already gone through this 9 months of ups and downs - so you know what the next page in the story is. Of course each pregnancy is different, but you are mentally already prepared for most of it.

You're Eating For Two, But Still Chasing One

They say you have less weight gain during your second pregnancy. I hope so. It will be hard for weight to stay on when you are chasing around that first child of yours - who now happens to be a toddler that you have to chase around the house all day. Plus - you are probably eating so much healthier during your second pregnancy.

You Understand More

Come pregnancy number 2, you will have a much better understanding of your own body. You will be paying attention for the little flutters and kicks. When you start to feel sea-sick while sitting at your office desk, you'll know exactly why. When your stomach turns at a smell or you come up with heartburn on the high way - you will be able to decipher what has caused it much easier than during pregnancy number one. Or at least I really hope so.

No Baby Shower?!

During pregnancy number 1, everybody and their sister was trying to throw you a baby shower. Now - you will be lucky if you get one. Everyone has spoiled you already with baby number 1 and you will have a lot of things that can be passed down to baby number two already.

You Know What To Put In That Hospital Bag

I remember sitting in the hospital bed while lovingly staring at my newborn baby when all of a sudden it would hit me - $#*$@! I forgot something. This time around, I won't be caught off guard. Seriously - my hospital bag had clothing for baby, diapers for baby, blankets for baby, bottles for baby, etc. for baby. Do you think I remembered to pack one pair of underwear for myself? No. I thought the hospital would provide anything, but boy was I wrong. They did offer some kit for $60 but I passed on it. This time I will know everything I need. I will NOT forget breast pads this time.

What differences did you see in your second pregnancy, compared to your first?

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  • Noahsmum

    Are congratulations in order??  Yes pregnancy #2 is different.  I didn't gain as much with it because I was chasing an active 3 year old.  Aside from my belly you couldn't tell even at 8 months.  Neighbour's didn't go out much in the long winter!  Yes you know what to expect.  Labour is usually shorter. Oh and eating healthy...sure if you have time to reread pregnancy books from your first (you don't).  I had to have coffee too. And ate things in moderation.  

    For my second delivery it was different since I didn't have a hospital birth and I remember not even using half of what I brought when I was in the hospital with my first!!