5 Hacks For a Cleaner Home

5 Hacks For a Cleaner Home

Spring cleaning. Yikes. If there is one thing I have learned as an adult, it's that keeping my home clean and clutter free is harder than it seems. Also, maybe it's me but I'm always feeling judged on the state of my home. The fastest way to get my house cleaned is to invite a girlfriend over! You can bet it'll be in tip top shape when she arrives. Turns out, they do the same thing too!

I've decided to gather some helpful tips for those of us who don't enjoy cleaning. You get your spring cleaning act together with these clever, time-saving ideas. Plus, these are inexpensive and healthy options. Let's get started.

Division Lesson

This is a simple system for controlling and cleaning the clutter. Start by sorting your belongings into three piles. One to keep, one to donate and one for items to throw away. Then, pour gasoline all over them and light them on fire. Just kidding! My kiddo has outgrown so many toys, and I have no idea why I continue to hang onto them. Get rid of 'em! Hint: If you find it hard to let go enlist a second person to help you decide if you really need to keep that or not.

Deep Clean the Shower Head

After your next shower, tackle the shower head with a really deep clean. I know mine desperately needs it. Grab a sandwich bag from your kitchen drawer and put a mix of baking soda and vinegar inside. Use an elastic band to attach the plastic bag to the shower head, so that it is immersed in the solution. Let it soak overnight and then you can easily wipe off any debris. Be sure to let the other members of your household know what's up! Last year my unsuspecting significant other turned on the shower and shot the bag halfway across the bathroom.

I Love Cling Wrap

I can't tell you how much I hate cleaning off the shelves in the fridge. Seriously. Do my family members HAVE to spill everything in there!? I learned a magic trick though, and I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. Get that cling wrap out and wrap the shelves in that stuff! Next time you want to clean the fridge, you can just peel off the cling wrap and start allover again. Isn't that easy?! I almost wish I could do the same thing for the inside of the oven... too bad it would melt!

Easy Pet Toy Cleanup

Do you have pets? I've learned two things through owning dogs for several years. One, is that their toys get gross—and fast. Two, that you can clean them in the dishwasher! Throw them in for a quick cycle, or put them in the washing machine with some towels. I don't suggest using any detergent though. My dogs always think the toys are brand new again after they have been washed, which saves me a few bucks too.

Swiffer Sock Hack

I just adore this hack. I wrote about it back in September and I will tell you about it again as we approach our massive spring cleaning frenzies. Stop buying those expensive Swiffer wet things. Instead, fill a bucket with water and favourite floor cleaner. Then take a fuzzy sock and cover your Swiffer with it. Dip the sock-covered Swiffer in the water, and mop! I find that this honestly does a better job. Plus, you can throw the sock in the wash after and use it time and time again. Money saver!

Moosers, what is your favourite cleaning hack!?


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