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20 June 2011

Cassie, who blogs over at saving money on groceries in Canada. She's just launched it today, and the regular price is $8, but it's only $4 for the next 2 days, if you use this coupon code.

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  • Coupon Code: HALFOFF
  • Discount: eBook for $4
  • Expires: 22nd June 2011

I don't usually blog about this type of eBook here on Bargainmoose, but I am happy to support a fellow Canadian blogger.

Now, if you are really thinking of making a dedicated effort to start saving money on your groceries, it could be worth a read. I've read the eBook already, and Cassie goes into great detail about all the little things you can do to save money. For example, I've written a post on stock-piling here, and that's one of the topics she covers in more detail.

Cassie also goes into great detail about couponing, and I think some people might even label her as an extreme couponer.  We mainly focus on online coupons here on Bargainmoose, but there's a whole separate world out there dedicated to printable and manufacturer coupons to save on your groceries. Many of these coupons are only small dollar savings, but when you've got the knowledge as to how best to use them, you can save hundreds or thousands on your grocery bills.

Over the last year, I've noticed that my grocery bill has just steadily climbed and climbed. I know there are rising food costs all over the world, plus I also have the new baby in the house. She's 1 year old now, and she's eating more than ever. I think that if I set food in front of her all, day she wouldn't actually stop eating. But you do need a bit of spare time to dedicate to couponing, and that's a commodity that I don't really have just now. It might only be a few hours a week needed to save all that money, but as a full time work at home mum, I just pay full supermarket prices!

If you have a read of Cassie's eBook, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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