Canadian Coupons: $5 Off Aleve (Grocery Coupon)


If you'd like a free $5 coupon for Aleve 100s, check this out: Aleve

This is what the small print says, there are a few exclusions:

Sorry, ALEVE® is not available in BC/NFLD at this time. Coupon not valid in Quebec.

If you haven't heard of these tablets, the box says that they are good for joint and arthritis pain, backache and muscle pain.


  • Doreen D.
    Teed off because i wanted to print my coupons and was unable to do so. All I wanted was -$5.00 off of Aleve pain reliever
    • Anna
      Why couldn't you?
  • joy
    Not being able to print could be from the settings on your computer. Mine often doesn't allow me to print coupons since I can't be bothered to figure out what to change.
  • tempest
    It's not your printer that's the problem. I couldn't get this to load the first few times i tried, then it took me to the useless site of didn't have any luck there either be low income this would have been really appreciated
  • Tammy
    The Aleve coupon link showed the following message The webpage cannot be found HTTP 404 Most likely causes: •There might be a typing error in the address. •If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date. The link on Canadian free stuff also showed the same message. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  • Anna
    It has expired now Tammy!
  • Pam
    I got a 24 pack of Aleve from Wal-mart and it had a 4 dollar coupon inside, when I opened the box the coupon had already expired in Dec of 1012 so the store would not honor the coupon, they are selling the product on the shelf yet all the coupons are already expired.......please send me some valid coupons and maybe take the old stoke off the shelves so this is not an ongoing problem for other consumers. Thank you Pamela
  • Paul S.
    I live in London, Ontario and I purchased two containers of Aleve 100's that offered $4.00 off at the local Walmart store. This is october 2013 but when I opened the boxes the coupons inside had expired @ December 31/2012. I am ticked off. This is fraudulent marketing and it cost me $8.00. I am a pensioner and every dollar has meaning. I am not at all impressed with the marketing strategy of this company. I do not like being cheated.
  • Eva W.
    I would email the company Paul.

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