Canadian Coupons: $5 Discount On Laxaday

Laxaday is giving out some free coupons for their products. To get a free $5 discount coupon, fill in this form:

As Laxaday is relatively new laxative product in the Canadian market, here is some info from their press release.

  • Dissolves easily in water, coffee, tea, juice, or soft drinks
  • Tasteless formula
  • No gritty texture
  • Does not lead to long-term laxative dependency
  • Produces a bowel movement within two to four days for most people
  • May be used safely once-daily for up to a week at a time

OK, I'm not admitting to anything, but I don't think I have ever used a laxative in my life. Well, unless you count eating too many oranges and having a little accident.

EDIT  - I also see that there are $2 coupons for Laxaday here on gocoupons. There's a possibility you could get a few coupons and stack them to get extra discounts when buying at London Drugs (who accept multiple coupons on one product).

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