Burger King 2 Can Dine Printable Coupon

9 May 2010

BK 2 Dine

Present this printable coupon at Burger King Canada for 2 Whopper sandwiches, 2 medium fries, and 2 medium fountain drinks for only $8.98.

Use this printable coupon at participating Burger King locations until June 30th 2010 save get two combos this great price.

I know a few friends that love Burger King and would really appreciate sharing this combo offer together. On a similar note, unless your date is obsessed with Burger King, this may not be the best meal for a date.

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  • Jenny
    I printed out the coupon and brought it to BK and been told it's not a valid coupon. I phoned BK customer service line and got the same answer.
  • Ryan
    I also printed this coupon and went to the Burger King at Metrotown's Food court, didn't honour this as well. Hmm...
  • Anna Waters EDITOR
    It's clearly hosted there on the icoke site so I have no idea why they won't accept it. If you have time, I would drop an email to either Burger King or Icoke.. or both!

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