Snapfish Canada: 20 Free Prints (Postage not included)

10 July 2011

Register at and receive 20 free prints upon the first time you upload your prints. The prints you will receive are 4 x 6. Evidently this doesn't include postage, but you could probably get them sent with whatever you are ordering.

Evidently you can get prints for as low as $0.12 a piece (pre-paid) and from forums I have read that Snapfish often has good promo codes.

I have unfortunately not tested this as I have had slight issues with uploading my photos to the web. If a Mooser would be so kind as to test this and comment that would be great.

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  • Gigi
    I got all the way to the "input your payment info" page, and the prints are still not showing up as free. Grrrr
  • Gigi
    I got around it by ordering from the US site, which has 50 free prints, but the shipping is 4.44 instead of 2.99.

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