Start Your New Diet w/ Deals on Healthy Cooking Small Appliances

1 January 2013

Start your New Year's Resolution to eat healthy with some easy-to-use healthy cooking small appliances from

Steam your food to get the most nutrition without all that extra fat and calories. This HF 8333 Digital food steamer is so easy to use. It has preset programs for different foods, a timer for perfect timing, auto shut off and is dishwasher safe. Now, if only it could do the dinner dishes too! With a large capacity, a durable stainless steel housing and the ability to cook different dishes simultaneously, this may be all you need for a long time to come. It even collapses smaller for easy storage. Now only $74,95, regularly $89.

Juicing is a great way to lose weight and be healthy, and this deluxe HF3022 juicer juices whole fruits and vegetables easily with a minimum of slicing, dicing, peeling or chopping. Stable feet keep this machine on your counter while the powerful motor extracts as much juice as possible. Different speed settings allow you to juice many different items. Collect your pulp from the large pulp collector to add to recipes for added nutrition. Now also only $74.95, regularly $89.

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