Free Shipping On A $20 Spend

3 May 2011


Online Canadian store has recently announced a new price point for free shipping - you only have to spend $20 to get it! Previously, there was no free shipping at all, every single order incurred a shipping fee - but now you have the sweet option of free shipping too.

It's refreshing to see an online company have such a reasonable amount as a minimum spend. While it would be nice for the min spend to be zero, we can't have everything we wish for! sells a wide range of products, from boots to bluetooth headsets!  In the past, Pricematters had some excellent deals on Ugg boots, which quite a few Moosers made use of. They still have a few deals on the Uggs, such as these ladies Cardy boots for only $49.99, or the classic short Uggs for $79.99.

A few of my friends have been going on about toning shoes - there are a pair of ladies Avia iShape toning runners for only $32.50. I have never tried them, though I don't walk very much myself, so I don't think I would benefit from them. Have you used toning runners? What do you think of them?

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  • nat
    hm is the site legit? like are the items legit? how come so cheap o_o
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      Nat, do you think we would knowingly post about a non-legit site on Bargainmoose? I don't know why prices are so cheap, but have heard many good reports about PriecMatters since their Ugg deals.

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