8 Cent Prints

23 September 2010


Kwikpix has extended their 8 cent prints for 14 more days! Till October 7th, 2010 you can simply login to Kwikpix, order your prints and only pay 8 cents per!

They do require you order a minimum of 50 prints to give you the $0.08 deal.. but that will cost you like.. $4? Really, peanuts! Cheaper than peanuts.

The $0.08 is for 4x6" pictures. 5x7" will be $0.10.

If anyone has ordered from Kwikpix before, let us know how your pictures turned out!

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  • Dan K.
    Hello, what is the promo code? the website doesn't auto add it. cheers, Dan
    • Beth S.
      Hi Dan As soon as you get to 50+ photo's the price should change to .08. When you look at their pricing page they clearly states .08 min 50 prints so it should change for you.
  • Beth S.
    I ordered from Kwikpix when this promo first came out. The pic's were shipped within a couple of days. Arrived about a week later. Quality was just as good as and half the overall price of kodak.

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