KodakGallery.ca: Print Sale Coupon Codes


KodakGallery.ca is having a print sale, for those interesting in transferring their digital prints to something to stick into a photo album. This sale goes until July 12, 2010.

Kodak Canada is offering:

  • 100 prints for $15 (no coupon needed)
  • 150 prints for $21 use coupon code CDPRINTS21
  • 250 prints for $33 use coupon code CDPRINTS33

I don't do much printing of photos from digital to actual photo but I have received some free photos from both Kodak and Walmart lately and I can say that Kodak's quality was miles above Walmart's.

Also, with Kodakgallery.ca you can get your prints sent to your local Future Shop or Best Buy to pick up for free!

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