If You Liked Hidden Gem Candles, You'll Love the Bath Bombs!

You liked the Hidden Gem Candles - Now this!

Everyone loves Hidden Gem Candles, but who has the patience required to watch the candle melt down as the hours go by, to see what sort of hidden gem emerges? Not I! I am the person who had no patience when I bought the L'Occitane Advent calendar and have since opened all the little windows.

Sometimes I prefer getting the whole kit and caboodle all at once. Point in case, these Hidden Gem Bath Bombs - for $39.99, you'll get a 3 pack of bath bombs and one of them will reveal a pendant worth anywhere from $10 to $5000. If you purchase 2 sets, the second set will cost $19.99 and shipping will then be free.

You'll have an invigorating bath experience full of essential oils, stunning floral scents and fizzy fun! They're such a great way to spoil yourself!

Shipping is free with a $50 order or will cost $9.99 or so for standard shipping.

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