HAPPY 7th Birthday Bargainmoose! Surprise Caption Contest #6!! (CLOSED)


*** Contest now closed, winner was Mosoer Lee!! ***

We aren't even done with contest #5, but we want to give you more Amazon gift cards. Can you blame us? Winning is super easy, just caption the photo above in the comments below and you'll be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Your message can be serious, seriously funny or just perfectly fitting.

We've been getting some great captions, so keep 'em coming Moosers!

Contest ends 10th September 2015.


  • Tracy
    But I want a hug!!
  • Trish
    Hang in there, Baby!
  • Moe
    Do EWE give up yet?
  • Sandy
    Holly Sheep...hang on tight.
  • Allison
    Bargainmoose, PLEASE help my parents save some money so I can have a real pony!
  • merna
    Holy sheep! Wool you please stop hanging on to me?!! This is really baaaaaaaa-d!
  • Cheryl
    Now if u will only sit still!!
  • zahra p.
    Sign me up as a bull rider, I am ready!
  • Nina M.
    I really wanted to play soccer!
  • Chrissy
    Hang On!!! Have I got a deal for ewe
  • Ken
    If I hug hard enuff, it'll turn into a moose!
  • lamariposavioleta
    That talking pig made this seem soooo easy!
  • Anieta
    Don't be sheepish about what you want- Hang on until you get it.
  • samiya
    Please! Take me to the store before that sale ends :)
  • Judy
    I'm bringin' home the bacon. I mean, sheep.
  • Annie
    "I got ewe, babe" (to the tune of Sonny & Cher)
  • Amber Y.
    I think i can..i think i can..i think i can..
  • Tracy
    I don't feel right...
  • Bryan
    It's Billy the Kid!
  • Sheepish
    “Buttercup?! There’s a bale of alfalfa in this for you if you can work with me for another six seconds.”
  • Chantal
    Ewe will be sorry for getting on me!
  • Melissa
    Not quite the horse I hoped for but ewe will do!
  • Kirby
    Boy: Common, Sheep... play wrestle with me!
  • Sharon
    What do you mean it's not a bull
  • Fay. H.
    Catch the kid! Which one?
  • Nikki
    This looked like a good idea! Can someone help? Um ... Someone?
  • witchblade
  • Émilie
    They never told me animal hurt !! I should had à clue when they put à helmet on my head .
  • darci
    I will hug you and kiss you and call you Bob and never ever let you go!
  • peepsi16
    ride on cowboy!
  • Jackie M.
    It's back to school! Hang on for and prepare for a rough ride!
  • Sam
    Holding on for sheepish life.
  • Dave
    Mason the Sheep's career as an Uber drive was short-lived.
  • Mike D.
    My sister taught me how to ride sidesaddle. Not too sure if she is pulling the wool over my eyes.
  • Amber
    If I just hold on tight enough .........
  • Olga
    Who said that sheep riding was easy?
  • Mike G.
    I have a baaaad pain in the neck!
  • 1suprdad
  • Leslie
    Forget counting...if I just catch this thing I'll never have to go to sleep.
  • Mei
    Hmmm my stuffy never did this?
  • Jessica
    Ewe there, move onwards with the dear - I mean deals!
  • Juli
    Hey, I just met you, And this is crazy, But here's my number, So call me, maybe!
  • AmandaS
    World's Strongest Sheep competition
  • Julie
    Its so fluffy I'm gonna die!!
  • Jasen H.
    Billy was finally warming up to the idea of living on the lamb!
  • Lauren
    How did Mary ride her little lamb!? Sit! Sit!
  • Laura
    Don't let me go!
  • Lindsay
    Maybe this was a baaaaa-d idea!
  • Louise
    I'm gonna be a cowboy one day!
  • Paul
    I am never letting you go! I love the sweaters that you produce for me!!
  • katama381
    Are we near the finish line yet?
  • Cindy
    At least I've got my cute work boots on!
  • Lee
    I'll never let go, Jack.
  • Christine
    This looks bad, but I still think I can pull this off if I just concentrate... *there is no spoon**there is no spoon*
  • sheila
    Nooo, don't leave me!!!!!
  • Leley
    Nooooooooooo! I don't wanna go to school!
  • Lesley
    Noooooooooo! I don't wanna go to school!
  • blackninjatj
    I'm sorry I was baaahhahad.....I won't do it again, I promise!
  • Anne-Sophie
    Rodeo level= expert
  • Rick
  • Linda
    C'mon sheep, "stop" I need to count you so I can go to sleep
  • Ramona
    It's a petting zoo, not a rodeo kid!
  • Tamaira
    Only 7 more seconds!
  • Sandra
    Just one more hug....please.
  • erin
    ' I wanted a bike .... How is this the same thing " ?
  • christina B.
    Please don't touch the mud! Please don't touch the mud! :P
  • Anita
    let's go get a baaa-rgain together!
  • Craig
    Holy sheep!
  • Margaret
    Get this kid off me!
  • Margaret
    Little Johnny was a bit confused. He thought he had captured a Bargain Moose when it actually was only a Baaaa-gain ovine.
  • Margaret
    How do you like my necklace? It is the latest in KID fashion.
  • Margaret
    No no. Grandma needs to knit the wool before you can wear it!
  • Monica
  • michelle
    If only I'd worn my velcro mitts
  • slugbug55
    Hold on for 8 seconds? No problem!
  • tyler
    help me
  • Rodney D.
    'What could go wrong?' he said!
  • kim
    Can we keep it, mom? He can sleep in my room!
  • Karen
    If the goat fits, wear it :)
  • Nancy
    It would have been a lot easier if they put a saddle on this baby!
  • Linda Q.
    I wanted a kiss!!!
  • cathy m.
    High ho silver, off to bargain bonanza!
  • Pam
    My boots are new and I don't want to get poop on them so faster....faster...!
  • Aimee
    I'm gonna win.
  • Donna L.
    Are you sure this is how the Lone Ranger got started ?
  • Kelly
    This is a piece of cake compared to the bull I was on last week!
  • Colleen
    I will not let go!! Promise :)
  • Sarah
    BUT I LOVE HIM!!!!!
  • Irene
    I'm going on the lamb if I don't get this lamb down.
  • David
    I hope I can hold on for 8 seconds!
  • Tony
    Mary's lamb never gave her this much trouble!
  • Diane
    What da ya mean SADDLE? I don't need no stinkin' saddle.
  • Linda
    I love you soooo much!!!
  • Grant d.
    Where's the brakes on this this?
  • Carolyn M.
    Pleeeeease can we keep her mom!? I will help pay for her food!!
  • Gayle E.
    Good thing these boots have non slip grip!
  • ALee
    Hey kid, do I look like a bull to you?
  • Mandy
    Boy, you're heavy!
  • Cecilia
    Don't make me fall
  • Barb
    The latest in Fall fashion, my new boy coat :)
  • Swapandeep S.
    Oh sorry...I thought you were my little horsie
  • Marylene J.
    I don't want to sleep yet.

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