Ebay Big Deal: 10" Memory Foam Mattress


One of the Ebay Big Deals is this 10" Memory Foam Mattress. If memory serves Anna and I are both fans of memory foam. This mattress is 73% off plus free shipping. Usual retail price is $1499 and the price on ebay is only $379.99.

So some info about memory foam and this mattress:

This mattress has 3 inches of 4 LB high density visco memory foam followed by 2.5 inches of a foam comfort layer on top of a 4.5 inches of high performance support layer. Our memory foam mattresses are made with this layered technology to provided added comfort and support. This mattress also comes with a removable washable cool to the touch Lyocell cover.

Our Memory Foam mattresses features the latest in therapeutic innovation that provides gravity defying weightless comfort and support. The memory foam senses your body’s temperature and weight to conform to your body shape, which decreases tossing and turning by eliminating pressure points and improving blood circulation.

Avigayil's Review:

So last time a memory foam mattress was in the Ebay Big Deals category my hubby and I decided to get one as I was having major difficulties with our current bed. The one we got was an 8"  from the same company, but they are fairly close to the same (this one has more higher density foam which of course is better). May I say that I wish we had got our foam mattress ages ago. My body hurts WAY LESS when I wake up. I feel better. my body feels better. No more pressure points. Its better for cuddling. I LOVE IT. Best investment in ages!

If anyone else has a memory foam mattress out there, drop us a line!

#5 Thanksgiving thanks: I am thankful for my job at the BargainMoose! I am so grateful Anna took me on as a blogger and I just love finding deals and posting them. So thanks Anna: I love it here!


  • Anna
    Yes, I love my memoryfoam! And thanks for the thanks :) And thanks for the help with the great deals!
  • Cali
    Yay! I just bought one. I have piriformis pain so I hope this will help.
    • Avigayil
      I hope it helps you too! I just adore mine!
  • Lyne M.
    I have purchased it, and it came within 2 days! The item is as promised. Tonight will be my first night on it... can't wait.
    • Anna
      OOoh have a comfy sleep!

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