Exclusive Extra $5 or $10 Back When you Sell Gift Cards

27 July 2011

Cardswap is an amazing place to buy and sell gift cards. Do you have any gift cards sitting around in a drawer not being used? Did you get them for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas... or was it so long ago you can't remember? Sell them for $$! When you sell your cards to you can get an extra $5 back on gift cards totalling $50, or an extra $10 back on gift cards totalling $100!

Totalling' means you could have a few lower value cards and together they give you extra $$ back. Just print out the above coupons and include them in the envelope when you mail in your gift cards.

I buy cards from and am loving this place. :-) Sell your gift cards to them: so I can buy them! This is a Mooseclusive deal, so you can only get this through clicking through our exclusive links!

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