Buytopia Canada: Free Deals Day

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Today is Free Deals Day at Buytopia, which means that they have deals that you'll pay $0 for, plus the cost of shipping. It may be late in the day to blog about free deals day, but from what I remember with the last one, it might still be going tomorrow, and there is still some time today to take advantage.

I have no idea why Buytopia would want to give away items for free, except that maybe they have too much stock and free is how you get rid of stuff. There are a number of items here that you wouldn't suspect would be free, so weigh the cost of cost of shipping against your wanting this item and see if its good enough!

The first interesting deal I see is this simulated diamond engagement ring. As soon as you said simulated I said, nuh uh. But, just because a ring has a solitaire diamond look, doesn't mean it has to be an engagement ring. This is still a pretty ring and for free, you weren't going to get Angelina Jolie's rock. This ring has a regular price of $100.

This sports running band is identical to the one I just purchased elsewhere for $15. It has a $25 value, and the shipping is $6.99, which is, I think, a really great deal for this band.

My husband recently purchased one of these dual USB port car chargers for our vehicle (I wonder how much he paid?). With a $19 value and $6.99 in shipping charges, I think this one is a good one too.

It looks the majority of the deals have $6.99 shipping.

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