Buytopia Canada: 4 LED Lightbulbs For $22

10 November 2013


Are you still lighting your house with Compact Fluorescent bulbs? What are you, a cave man? Get out of the stone age with a set of four LED bulbs from Buytopia!

Doesn't it seem weird that a few years ago, everyone was losing their minds about incandescent bulbs being evil? We all had to move to compact fluorescent bulbs and then everyone realized that they stink. They hold their color for about a week, some take time to warm up, they have mercury in them and they cost more. You might say that costing more is fine because they last longer. They do last longer, unless they break early, which they seem to do a lot. Meanwhile, the Centennial Light has been burning for 110 years and has almost never been turned off. It's planned obsolescence and it's ridiculous.

Now we're all moving to a new bulb whose use, I'm sure, will be mandated by the government at some point. However, this bulb is actually worth the money. Maybe not the $15+ per bulb we see now, but as they come down in price (or go on sale like they are right now at Buytopia) they will be a bit more worth it. Why are these worth it, but CFLs aren't? Well, CFLs were never intrinsically better. The technology is based on those long fluorescent bulbs that they use in offices. They are full of dangerous chemicals, the ballasts break and are expensive, and they contain mercury. LEDs, on the other hand, use less power, last longer and don't really break that often. The dash lights in your car, your phone or your TV remote are all probably LEDs. When was the last time you blew an LED in your TV remote?

The problem is the cost. Check out LED light bulbs at Lowe's or Home Depot. These bulbs at Buytopia are only $22 for four. That's $5.50 each. They retail for $79. You're saving $57.

Shipping is $4.99.

(Image Credit: Larry Jacobsen)

(Expires: 12th November 2013, 1:00PM ET)

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