Blacks: Buy A Print Card And Get A Free Samsung Digital Camera


If you always print your digital photos, consider prepaying for a $199, 1000 4 x 6 Print+ Card at Blacks. You'll be rewarded with a free Samsung ES28 digital camera!

The Black's Print+ Card can be used online or in store for 1000 4x6 prints, 830 5x7 prints or 750 6x8 prints. The cost of printing 1000 4x6 prints without the Print+ Card would cost you $290.  With this offer you save $90 on your prints and get a free digital camera too!

The Samsung ES28 12 Megapixel digital camera, valued at $99.99, includes a 27 mm wide angle lens, 5x optical zoom and a high-quality MJPEG VGA movie mode.

This offer is available while supplies last!

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