Bargainmoose Contest: Free $100 Gift Voucher Of Your Choice With


*** Contest now closed: Congrats to Bargainmoose Kylie *** is a Canadian site which buys and sells unwanted gift vouchers, and I've mentioned them here on Bargainmoose in the past, where they offered a Cardswap coupon code. This week, they're offering a nice little prize to one of my Bargainmoosers, in the form of a free $100 gift voucher of your choice, as well as a new unique coupon code to use there!

Firstly, here are the details of the coupon code.

Click here to go to

  • Coupon Code: MOOSE
  • Discount: Waive selling fees
  • Expires: 25th January 2011

If you received any gift cards for Christmas that you think you are not going to use, you could possibly sell them on

Now, on to the contest! You could be in with the chance of winning a $100 gift card of your choice from these merchants, including such familiar names as Best Buy, Walmart, Futureshop, Old Navy. Here's how to enter the contest:

  • Click through to Cardswap and choose which merchant you'd like
  • State the merchant in a comment below in this Bargainmoose thread

Bonus entries:

  • Subscribe to email updates (Already subbed? You’re already entered)
  • Tweet about this contest on Twitter (leave your Twitter name below)


  • 1 type of contest entry per household
  • Canadian entrants only
  • Contest ends 8th January 2011, midnight CST
  • Admin's decision is final in all cases

UPDATE: If any Moosers have decided to sell some unwanted gift cards on Cardswap, they tell me that they were featured on CTV and are therefore experiencing a bit of a backlog in validating the gift cards.


  • Stephanie
    where do you input the MOOSE promo code at
    • Anna
      They say: The MOOSE promo code can be used on step 4 of selling a card. You can email them directly on if you need help
  • Emily
    Of those merchants, I'd love a credit to H&M!
  • Michelle
    sooo many choices but I think I would have to go with the Old Navy - I need some new clothes!
  • Cheryl
    I would love a Winners gift card!
  • Cheryl
    I tweeted about this contest:!/loucheryl
  • Laila
    Winners for me. They have so many unique items :)
  • Jenny
    Banana Republic - would love some new clothes for work!!
  • Laura
    House looks lonely with the Christmas stuff down! Need something to spruce it up ...
  • Yumiko
    Best Buy! :)
  • Amanda
    Wow, what a great contest to start the new year!! Thanks BargainMoose =) I would definitely choose Chapters/Indigo. I'm saving up for a Kobo =)
  • Amanda
    Tweeted! =)
  • joy
    The list is endless! I'd pick Chapters or Old Navy.
  • Elisa
    Awsome contest!...I would choose an Old Navy card, I need a new wardrobe =)...Happy New Years to all!
  • sunshine
    club monaco!
  • Andie
    Winners! My favorite store I would love to be able to shop guilt free with $100.00! Good luck everyone and Happy New Year!
  • Jenalynne
    OLD NAVY! :) Their deals are wonderful and a $100 gc would go along way there!
  • Ruby
    Great contest!! I'd love a Winners voucher, Twitter name is harley699. Happy New Year (nice to see it's starting off with a bang!!)
  • Michelle
    I would love a gift card to Winners! So many different options there!
  • Steve Z.
    I would go with a Winners card.
  • blank
    I'll go for Lotto 649/Super 7!
  • Lisa
    I have so many repairs that needs done around here - I would have to go with The Home Depot!! thanks
  • Brianna
    What a great site! And so many choices! I would havve to say I would choose a Winners card, or Old Navy:)
  • Melissa P.
    Walmart for this Mama:)
  • Karen S.
    Best buy would be my choice!
  • chrissy
    Canadian Tire would be great because if I didn't use it all at the store the rest could go for gas at the gas bar :)
  • MichelleAn
    The Bay/Zellers/Home Outfitters would be my choice! :)
  • J.
    Perhaps a Winners gift card.
  • palmtreesforever1
    I'd love Shoppers Drugmart! To stock up on beauty essentials :)
  • Cathy
    Canadian Tire it is!
  • cindy
    Hi I would love to win a Home Depot card. Cindy
  • NT
    I'd pick a Winners card or a Milestones card. Thanks!
  • Stephanie
    Loblaws-groceries are always needed :)
  • Hoi
    Gift card to EB Games would be great . . . new games for my husband!
  • Pat
    I would definitely go with a card from Winner's...that would satisfy anyone in the family!!!
  • Josee
    Have to say Canadian tire. They have everything there!
  • Lari
    Future Shop sounds good! :) Thanks for holding these contests ...!
  • Kayley
    Cool site! Would love Winners, Cineplex, or even Old Navy! So many choices!!!
  • Michelle
    Chapters/Indigos for sure! So many great picture books I would like to buy for the classroom, but they're so pricey.
  • Anita
    Old Navy gift card would be amazing!!!
  • nina
    Wow, so many good ones to choose from! I have some items I 'need' to get from Ikea, so I'll go for that...
  • Karen
    Canadian Tire would be great!
  • Angela G.
    I'd like to get a Winners gift card!
  • Jenn
    The Bay/Zellers/Home Outfitters tweeted jfigment
  • Mary W.
    Happy New Year! Thanks, Anna--our first contest for 2011--yay!!! I would choose a Costco gift card. Thanks again
  • Cindy K.
    WalMart - for groceries. Boring, I know.
  • Jori
    Toys R Us / Babies R Us! With a new baby due any day, this would be great!
  • Wen
    H&M or The Keg!
  • Aggi
    IKEA please!
  • zenamamma
    The Keg would be the one I would like- it is my husband's favorite restaurant and our 30th anniversary is coming up- this would make a great gift!
  • Navina
    Love this site! I'm going to go with the good old The Bay/Zellers/Home Outfitters gift card.
  • kylie
    IKEA! Need to get some new furniture for my kids. :)
  • Stacey
    I would go for Chapters!
  • Brien
  • Natalie C.
    I love Winners!
  • misskitty_79
    Oh, there's just so many to choose from! I guess I'd probably choose H&M though. I'll definitely be taking advantage of that waived selling fees... I've got a couple of GCs that I'm never gonna use, so this is a great deal for me. Thanks bunches for sharing it w/ us! :)
  • Marionne
    Loblaws would be best for us!
  • Doug
    Would love to have a loblaws giftcard
  • Cam
    Apple store
  • Daniel
    I would love to get a gift card for Walmart so that I can get all those smaller household items I always forget to get :-)
  • Lisa
  • Jennifer L.
    I would choose Home Depot.
  • Steve
    Love Costco
  • cheryl
    guess gift cards
  • Kim S.
    Futureshop would be my choice. Retweeted the contest...twitter name @kstenner
  • Penny
    I'd like Winners.
  • Kathryn
    A Petro-Canada gift card would be great!
  • Penny!/penelope1111/status/21565543647543296
  • Faye
    Starbucks, so that drink that costs me 5 bucks would be enjoyed so much more!
  • Emma B.
    Costco would keep my family very happy for the month of January, not to mention maybe a little birthday treat for myself!
  • Melissa L.
    I would go for Future Shop. We're saving for a new laptop. :)
  • Penny B.!/penelope1111/status/21565543647543296 @penelope1111
  • Natalie F.
    I'd go for Old Navy - I love their gym clothes!
  • KimC
    I'd like Office Depot
  • Maya
    I'd go for Lulu Lemon! I have a hard time to justify paying their prices, but with a gift card I would definitely treat myself to a pait of their lovely yoga pants!
  • sarah
    So hard to choose! I think IKEA though, I could use some new storage solutions for all the toys my kids got for christmas!
  • Mars
    Costco for me. Thanks!
  • Kaila B.
    Shoppers Drug Mart would be great!
  • natalie d.
    got to be LuLu to be used a sweet birthday gift for my daughter. just can't justify the cost otherwise. thanks!
  • Kaila B.
    Tweeted this contest kalypso18
  • holly
  • Tania
    iTunes! Need some new music for the new year.
  • Abby
    Chapters-Indigo, and I'm subscribed for a bonus entry!
  • Crystal
    I would love a Costco gift card! What an amazing giveaway!
  • Donna
    All the cards are great and would be happy with any of them. Walmart is always a handy card to have. Thanks
  • Crystal
    Tweeted the contest, twitter name is BabyDollMaker
  • ter@waaoms
    I would choose Home Depot of those merchants. Thanks for sharing about Card Swap. I've got at least one gift card I would probably never use!
  • Anna
    I'd like the Loblaw card.
  • Dee S.
    Definitely Apple!!
  • Christie
    I would love any of these cards but if I had to choose I'd probably pick H&M. I like their clothes and they have some pretty cute kids clothes too which I could use for my kids. Thanks!
  • Carla
    Cadillac Fairview for me!
  • Jean
    Lululemon! Thanks Bargain Moose.
  • Mandy
    Winners, I can shop there for hours!
  • michelle
    Walmart please!
  • Lesley
    I think Petro-Canada would be my choice, what with the price of gas these days!
  • Lynn
    It would have to be family always needs stuff from Costco!!
  • Joanna
    As a gift for my husband, I'd love the Lotto 649/Super 7 gift card. Many thanks!!
  • jessica
    would like costco
  • jessica
    your email subscriber
  • jessica
  • Lisa
    I would definitely go for Winners. It may not be the most practical choice but it would definitely be the most fun!
  • holly
    winners or loblaws for me!
  • judy w.
    costco would be great.
  • AMac
    I would love to win one for Lululemon! Thanks for the contest!
  • Deborah
    I would love to win one from The Bay. Thank you.
  • AMac
  • Pippa
    Oooh, definitely Futureshop.
  • Pippa
  • mrsjanuary
    the gap!
  • Erin
  • Paula
    Lululemon for sure!
  • Amber
    stiches please
  • Lindsay
    I think I would choose walmart.
  • Kung
  • Karyn
    Walmart for the great choice :)
  • Steven
    Wal-Mart please :)
  • Stephanie
    I love Canadian Tire - they have everything!
  • Becci
    Chapters/Indigo please!
  • wendigirl
    i luv them all...:) thanks again for the wonderful contest bestbuy..or future shop i never got my electronics on boxing up too
  • Deanna T.
    Winners! No, wait, Future Shop! No, maybe Canadian Tire! Ack. Too many choices!!!
  • Ajantha
    I think a gift card for Aeropostale would be great! I tweeted this and my twitter name is: busy_mom4
  • Melissa
    Ikea or Walmart - I'm not fussy :-)
  • sarina
    Would love one for either apple iTunes or H&M! =)
  • Karla S.
    I would like Walmart!
  • Karla S.
    Im subscribed via email
  • Karla S.
    I tweeted
  • Gingermommy
    I would either like a GAp card or a Chapters card
  • Gingermommy
    @Gingermommy tweeted!/Gingermommy/status/21689318498111488
  • Litesandsirens911
    Oh I would love either Petro Canada or Esso gas, or Walmart Thanks for the contest
  • Tanis
    Definitely Wal-Mart, thank you!!
  • Tanis
    Tweet! @tannieschatter!/tannieschatter/status/21691925937520641
  • laura
    subscribed twitted - garfan11 I would love a walmart gift card
  • Tammy
    La Senza would be super!!!
  • anna
    costco or walmart would be awesome!
  • Yulia
    Wow, there seems to be a bit of a... GAP
  • robyn
    Tim Hortons for me!!!!!!!! Timmies never gets old here!
  • Joanne
    Addition Elle
  • happybadfish
    Lululemon!!! pick me pretty please!
  • happybadfish
    tweet @happybadfish!/happybadfish/status/21719122047934464
  • Nick
    Woaw American eagle would be nice !
  • Matthew
    I'd like Old Navy, thanks! :]
  • Anne-Marie T.
    I would pick Home Depot
  • Anne-Marie T.
    Tweeted.!/amt946/status/21730960731017216 twitter name: amt946
  • Deirdre
    Walmart would be great :)
  • Deanna
    Wal-mart or Chapters would be fabby!
  • Paula
    I'd love a gift card from Walmart. Costco is my second choice. Thanks, and Happy New Year!
  • Christine
    Cadillac Fairview for me - that would include the great mall near me so I don't have to decide what store! Great contest! Thanks!
  • Robyn D.
  • Marlo
    Hmm, Chapters, Lululemon, or Coast Mountain Sports
  • Marlo
    I subscribed to email updates
  • Marlo
    I tweeted!/snagglepink/status/21779275505995776
  • andre
  • Amandle
    Hope I win! I would love a gift card from Winners. Great contest!
  • Diane
    Tim Horton's would be perfect for us coffee lovers!
  • Julie
    Bookworm here! Chapters would be fabulous! :)
  • jennifer m.
    costco would be fantastic!
  • Linda
    Walmart would be great!
  • Laurie
    Lululemon would be lovely :)
  • Denise
    Winners would be awesome!!!
  • Tammy
    Winners would be handsdown for me!
  • Sorc
    Oooo, so many good choices! I'll pick Lululemon :)
  • JenS.
    I'd pick Winners - they have it all! Thanks! :) (email subscriber too...)
  • Michelle
    SOO many good ones! I'd pick COACH!!! :)
  • whitney
    Pier 1 Imports would be my pick!!! new house needs lots of pretty new things!!
  • Alexandra
    I would pick Walmart.
  • Jessica
    American Eagle! Twitter name: jessicaevelyn_
  • Samantha
    I would love to win a gift card for Wal Mart!
  • Carrie
    costco would be my choice!!
  • Annette
  • Amy M.
    Old Navy would be my pick!
  • Amy M.
    I tweeted this giveaway:
  • Vivian
    Costco's my choice, please
  • Laura
    No Frills/Loblaws...I need to buy groceries!
  • Misfit M.
    I would choose Tim Horton's! (Priority's right?!)
  • Misfit M.
  • Misfit M.
    I subscribe via email! seksi_missy at hotmail dot com
  • Cindy
    Walmart! Very practical!
  • Jessica
    So hard to choose... Should I choose a splurge or something practical... I'm going to have to go with Walmart
  • maggie
    This is horribly difficult, but I will go with Holt Renfrew!
  • Scott
    100 bucks for Best Buy is my choice
  • Angie
    It would be a treat to pick something at Chapters, mamma needs new books! (I subscribe via email too~)
  • Johanne
  • Leisau
    Future Shop! I need a new phone.
  • Kim
    I can ALWAYS use costco gift cards!
  • Christine
  • Melissa
    Walmart please! $100 would go a long way there!
  • LuR
    Costco gift card would be great!
  • Andrea
    I'm going with Cineplex - as my almost 5 year old is addicted to seeing movies on the big screen!
  • BcDruid
    I would looove a Chapters card, as there are so many books my kids want to read! Thanks for the awesome contest!
  • Steve
    The Cineplex gift card would be the best to share with friends!
  • Deanne S.
    I could spend that in a blink at Costco :)
  • Donnas
    Tim Horton's would be nice. (I have bought from CardSwap for La Senza. I really enjoy the great savings).
  • Jody
    $100 for Best buy so I can pay some of my best buy card off! ;)
  • Tanya
    The Costco one would be amazing to have!
  • Deni C.
    A Wal Mart card would be Great as I shop there all the time. So many good deals and practical too. Love your contests.
  • stasymipip
    Zellers or Winners
  • Deb
    Costco is my choice!
  • Jocelyn
    Costco would be my responsible choice, but some of the others would be oh so much fun too!!!
  • Jocelyn
    I subscribe via email! jocelyndekker at hotmail dot com
  • LA22
    Coach! Definitely Coach! :D
  • Brooklyn
    Hmmm... perhaps Fitness Depot (got to get to work on those New Years Resolutions!)
  • ChristinaP
    Eddie Bauer
  • Lynne
    Winners; gotta be Winners!!
  • LMD
    Walmart !

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