Another Spot Prize For The Birthday Contest: $50 Prize from Wagjag!

*** Contest now closed, winner is ginette4! ***

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we're holding a few spot contests throughout the day here on Bargainmoose, to celebrate the last day of our iPad giveaway. Check back throughout the day to make sure you don't miss out!

The third spot contest of the day is for a $50 prize of your choice, from!

Here's how to enter this spot contest:

What would you buy on Wagjag, with your $50 prize?

Leave your choice in a comment below.


  • Today’s contest ends 29th August 2012
  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of bonus entry per contest per day
  • Admin’s decision is final, contest is subject to change


  • Mei L.
    I would get a canvas gallery Wrap frame with pictures of our baby on his first birthday!
  • sharonne k.
    SOme birthcharts. s
  • kathy5
    Again tough to choose...I'm thinking Made from Earth Organic skin care package. Would love to try it.
  • luc
    Groceries - stock on frozen fruit for winter!
  • Anna
    Computer accesories.
  • Paloma
    I would take the unlimited yoga and fitness classes! I've always wanted to practise yoga and stuff, just never had the money
  • Shaun
    I would buy anything with a good deal on nice restaurant.
  • Cecilia
    Organic skin care for $39
  • Ramona
    My first pick would be the Always Fresh containers for fruits and veggies.
  • RYP
    I would buy something that relates to health. Yoga, fitness, etc.
  • emma w.
    either the camino chocolate they posted or the duct cleaning ( I know, that option sucks but it needs to be done)
  • cris b.
    The Panasonic Iron!!
  • Erik
    Organic chocolate bars.
  • Deb
    The Swarovski Studs!
  • Stu
    I'd get one of their golf packages
  • Mike
    Nice Restaurant deal
  • Pat
    Some tea from Tealish
  • ginette4
    I would use it to get photorejuvenation treatment
  • Amanda
    I would choose the swarovski studs
  • Ray
    I definitely would buy grocery items (meats) off Wagjag, that website has saved me so much money already. Would love to win this!
  • Marcie E.
    I would absolutely buy the organic chocolate bars....yummy!!!!!!
  • S
    I've always liked their hair/salon package deals, but I'm intrigued by the gallery wrap print...
  • Elisha
    Hmm...honestly, I think I'd save it until the next time there was a deal for a massage in my area. Or maybe a mani/pedi... Some kind of pampering!
  • Tracey L.
    I'd also go with the Swarovski studs
  • Rebecca
    Go Karting at Polson Pier!
  • adurango
    i'd get the ipod dock!
  • Jennifer
    I would apply the money toward a dinner out at Fortuna restaurant.
  • Cathy
    I would get a couple of orders of the Camino chocolate bars - yum!
  • cindy
    Definitely interested in the hair cut/style/colour combo. It's nice to be able to treat myself and save some money while doing it!
  • J
    Frozen food or computer accessories
  • Lyn
    I love the restaurant deals!
  • crystal j.
    I would get the hair deal from chiceffectz because my hair really needs to be done!
  • Donnas
    I'd buy the Kobe Classic Beef BBQ Pack.
  • Mel
    I would get the Canvas Gallery Wrap, I've wanted one of these for a while.
  • Dave
    I wish they had a stronger presence in Alberta, the closest place is 2 hours away.
  • Beanjelly
    A night out - wether that means a yoga session, a dinner voucher, or even a round of golf, I'm in!!
  • UncleStuart
  • Andre
    Would buy groceries - the meats are great
  • Robin
    Camino Chocolate! mmmm....
  • Pip444
    I would spend it on Made from Earth products
  • ginette4
  • Jessica
    wheatgrass and organic chocolate bars :)
  • Fatema
    I would save it for a spa service. Thanks
  • JKogon
    I think I would use it for a gallery wrap canvas - love those!
  • oreo
    i think im gonna get the Astrologic Chart. i dont see this stuff on the market very often! very interesting!
  • oreo
    im gonna get the Astrologic Chart. i dont see this stuff on the market very often! very interesting!
  • Grace
    fitness class deals. need to get fit!
  • Cappellis
    I would put it towards the $55 Kobe Beef BBQ Pack!
  • KylieC
    Jewelry I guess. :)
  • Andee
    Spin classes for me
  • blackninjatj
    Loving the Wagjag grocery and i have been eyeing up the Cedar Plank Salmon deal!!!
  • Lisa
    I'd use it on WagJag Jaunt for a little weekend escape
  • sheila
    I'd spend it on something from wagjag grocery
  • Leisau C.
    The Greg Norman sunglasses look really cool!
  • joy
    something for my kids
  • Melanie
    I would most likely buy something for our baby girl or maybe some tech toy for ipad/iphone
  • Maria
    The Eavesdrop Cleaning sounds great!
  • Steve
    Probably something for my iPhone 4, like a dock!
  • Sherri
    Probably an accessory for my iPod touch!
  • Brenda R.
    Anything for my iphone!
  • Pat
    Something "just for me" for a change!
  • Amy J.
    I would buy the canvas wall art! Family vacation in November for parents anniversary.. Great way to capture a family photo!
  • Leah
    Something for my mama! Like jewelry or something
  • Carla
    an iPad accessory
  • Jenny
    I would definitely like to spend it on a something to pamper myself with like a scalp massage or spa day or something like that
  • Lucie
    I'm always finding little treasures to get but this time I might consider something travel related in the Jaunt section.
  • Astrogal
    I'd buy a restaurant Wagjag, maybe the one currently up there for my city for an Indian restaurant
  • karenp
  • Danielle
    My friend and I have on our eye on cottage getaway. As students, we don't have a lot of money to get away.
  • katama381
    Food is always good so I would spend the $50 from the Wagjag grocery section
  • Catfish
    Food deals are great!! My daughter in university could use it for groceries.
  • Kaila B.
    I would definetly use the credit toward a getaway!
  • Liat52
    I love it when they feature theatre tickets at a big discount! I've bought some through Wagjag and loved every show!
  • dave
    I would love to buy more detail washings! Especially after a weekend camping trip!
  • Lisa
    pizza and pasta from Zola's. I love their food
  • Gary T.
    a nice dinner out - maybe sushi!
  • Cyndi
    probably use it towards a getaway to Whistler
  • nadmar333
    I would the $50 on the grocery deals on Teas!
  • henry
    probably grocery.
  • Linda
    definitely use it for groceries
  • Linda
    I'd get a restaurant certificate.
  • wendy b.
    definitley something i dont have to prepare myself!
  • Deanna
    The organic chocolate bars for sure! Yummy.
    The organic chocolate bars look yummy - they would be my choice!

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