Up to 60% off TV Shows

Amazon is having quite the sale, up to 60% off your favourite TV shows! If you are in the market to update, or polish off your collection this might be a good time to go shopping. Thank you to Mooser Frank for sending us this sale!

Did some scouting around and found many DVD sets at the 60% off mark, some below, and some above! Here are some of my finds:

As you can see, some really nice deals to be had, even some blu-ray seasons in there.

Shipping is free when you spend $39 or more with Amazon.


  • Anna
    I love the Big Bang Theory - it's hilarious. But I don't get some of the jokes...!
  • SavingMentor
    Those are some pretty decent deals. I watch most of my TV for free online now, but older episodes aren't usually available (unless you download them illegally that is). I do go out and buy the odd season of a show that I really like or want to watch. @Anna I agree the Big Bang Theory can be pretty funny! :)

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