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Social Nature is a newer free sample website that has started up. It gives away free samples of all-natural products for you to review.

The process is simple. You fill out a survey that tells them what products you would like to try. Then, they will mail you products and/or coupons for free products. You try out the products and then write reviews about the products, sharing those reviews with friends, family, and followers.

Their products are for those who are concerned about the environment and care about animal rights, their community, as well as health and personal wellness. You can see a list of criteria that Social Nature uses for picking the products they give out as samples. That list is pretty impressive actually.

You can even check out a current list of products that Social nature is giving out samples for and how many people want to try that product. There are 10 products currently being given as samples:

  • All Purpose Skin Gel - Nature's Aid
  • Roasted Chickpeas - Three Farmers
  • Healthy Heart Supplement - Purica
  • Bio-Tensor Face Cream - Druide
  • ND Shake for Women - Orange Naturals
  • Baby Soothing Lotion - Druide
  • Superfood Shakers - Ra Energy
  • Superfood Infused Chocolate - WiseOne Superfoods
  • Pure Oats Granola - Nature's Path
  • Organic Chocolate Bar - Camino

Interestingly, you are required to sign up via Facebook. They want three things from you: your public profile information, your email address, and your friends list. However, you can edit that list of items they receive. I did that, and took out the friends list as I thought that no company has any business knowing who my friends are (besides Facebook itself).

Once you complete your profile, you can go ahead and 'want' whatever you would like. They will ask you a few questions related to each product. This does not guarantee that you will receive this product, but there is no chance of getting anything if you do not sign up and want stuff!

I am pretty excited about this opportunity and I have signed up and 'wanted' three products that I thought looked the best and that I would actually enjoy trying. As their website says, if you are chosen to sample the products then you will receive an email. You can also view the status of your wish list on the website.

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  • lennypuz
    I signed up for this a little while ago, while I have not received samples yet - I have heard about great new products and brands to try! :)

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