Coupons: Free Herbal Essences Products!!

Wow, I really like these free Canadian coupons! You can order the free coupons online @! You can see that the Herbal Essences products are free.

So, order your coupons from, wait for them to come in the mail, and then use them in your local supermarket or grocery store to get your freebies! As far as I can tell, the coupon will credit you with $4.29 towards the purchase of a product.

I love Herbal Essences shampoos – they smell good enough to eat.

Thanks to The Cheap Girl and StarMama.


  • Cynthia
    Got my coupon in the mail this week. Went and picked up my shampoo today and got the conditioner too.
  • Tina S. many savings....on great products that I need and use everyday!!! thank you so much!!
  • Tina S.
    savings for my whole family...I share this web site with so many others...thanks to you my whole family can use name brand products and at my boys age name brand is everything....... thank you form me and my family and my wallet...
  • kissy
    I want herbal essance shampoo coupon but when i goto site is inactive.Anybody know what's the problem?help me. Thanks
  • Alee
    Hi everyone, this offer has now expired. It was a limited offer so that is why the link when you click on it, cannot find the coupon... I belive it was for 2009 only...

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