Freebie: Pillsbury Product Of Your Choice


If you fancy some free biscuits or breads from Pillsbury, here's how to get them - claim a free coupon from and choose a product!

So order the coupon from the above link, and they will mail it out to you. You can then take it in to your local supermarket and redeem it for a free Pillsbury product of your choice! How about some delicious cinnamon rolls…!?

UPDATE - deal expired already


  • Wen
    I get an error message. I think it is only good for one time use (yours :D). "Hey, you've already requested that coupon. But don't worry, we'll have more savings in our next email."
  • anna
    it doesnt work because it seems you've already redeemed it. I received an email from lifemadedelicious as well, but it was for $1.00 off instead of a freebie..
  • Wen
    I haven't redeemed before. Your link just won't let me get a coupon...maybe I have to sign up for lifemadedelicious too? PS. love following you on Twitter - instant savings access!
  • couponmom
    Yeah, tells me I have already ordered it too
  • Anna
    Apologies folks, I wasn't aware that was happening. I cannot see a way to get you guys the coupon... so I have expired this one for now. Sorry!
  • M.
    it doesn't work. i tried to redeem and it said "you've already redeemed it".
  • Anna
    I had signed up for Life Made Delicious the other day, and I got the Pillsbury freebie in my email today.

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