Printable Coupon: Free Potatoes


This is a free printable coupon for you to claim a free 2lb bag of potatoes courtest of The Little Potato Company.

So if they sell this brand at your local supermarket, you can go there to claim your freebie.

I grabbed this from their pdf, where there are also a lot of recipes if you want to try your hand at some new culinary creations. They have a recipe for baked potatoes with zuccini that sounds delicious!


    Hi,Anna which supermarket sales potatoes from this company? i couldn't find it when i was in pricesmart food and real Canadian superstore.
    • Anna
      Hi Jinny. There's a store locator here which should tell you which stores sell this product I'll add this link to my post above :)
  • sarah
    To Jinny: At my superstore they are near the freezer section, so check there. I tries to use this coupon at Metro, but they said they dont accept printable coupons, in case we photocopied them or something. Bummer, cause I was really looking forward to getting this coupon.

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