Living Well: Tylenol Arthritis Samples (13th Sept)

12 September 2011

Be one of the lucky 11,000 people to get a free trial offer of Tylenol Arthritis Pain on the 13th September, 2011 from  Tylenol Arthritis Pain provides long lasting relief from arthritis symptoms for up to 8 hours.  The caplet has a quick dissolve layer for fast relief and then a time released layer for extended pain relief.

As always, these samples go fast and expect the page to load slowly. It might take a few tries before you get through.

Once you sign in to Living Well, you can click on Trials and Special Offers to get your Tylenol sample.

If you see the freebie starting on 13th September 2011, please let everyone know in the comments below, we would highly appreciate it! If it still says "all samples taken" most likely it hasn't started yet!

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  • Patti
    More than 8000 samples remaining as of 9:30am.
  • Diane
    4177 samples left at 12:20 EST.
  • Ro
    just put my registration in, looks like it is working! Thanks Bargain Moose!
  • Mary W.
    about 420 samples left at 3:06 pm EST.
  • joy
    all gone

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