Living Well: 10,000 Samples of Aveeno (Nov 22)

20 November 2011

Living Well is giving away 10,000 samples of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion on Tuesday - November 22nd. This is your 'heads up' ahead of time to sign up for Living Well have you not done so, or to just put a note up.

These samples from Living Well make great travel products because their size enables them to be flight approved - under 100 ml. If you have ever flown during winter it is always drier in the sky than on the ground so a bottle of moisturizer is a good thing to bring along.

Thank you to Mooser Hanna for sharing this on the community forum.

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  • Lianna
    It's live! Good Luck :-)
  • joy
    5100 left @ 8:40am EST.

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