Kotex: Canadian Freebies


Yanyi recently blogged about the free samples of Kotex here, but now there is a new link for more freebies through the Walmart.ca website.

When you click through, you will see the yellow button towards the top right, saying, "Get your samples here."  There is then a small online form to complete.

I actually spotted this deal yesterday, but had trouble getting through to the Walmart site. They were probably quite busy! It does seem to work today though, so hopefully you can rorder your Kotex freebies with no trouble!


  • Heather
    I tried clicking on the link on the Kotex/Walmart website and it doesn't work.
    • Anna
      Still working for me Heather, I could suggest you try it in a different browser perhaps?
  • kelly
    worked for me thanks! :)

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