iTunes Canada: Listen to the New David Bowie Album For Free

6 March 2013

iTunes Camada has a fabulous freebie for anyone on a budget who wants to listen to great music without being a pirate. Right now you can listen to David Bowie's entire new album The Next Day absolutely free!

Five reasons why you need to check this album out:

  1. It is his first album in ten years
  2. The guy is a rock legend
  3. 14 new songs of Bowie goodness!
  4. Expanding musical horizons is good
  5. It is free!!!!!

I am listening to the album now, and though I have only made it through one of fourteen songs, I'm not incredibly impressed yet (actually I hate the first song). The second song isn't as bad as the first one, but I firmly believe one should never judge an entire album by just a couple songs. There can always be a few gems in an otherwise mediocre album. So I am looking forward to hearing the album in its entirety.

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