Itunes Canada: Free 7 Song Christmas Sampler!


Decks the hills with brows of folly… ok, so I'm not quite sure of the words on that one, so maybe I need to download this free album from itunes Canada!

They are giving away a full album, loaded with 20 classic Christmas tunes, such as Silent Night, 12 Days of Christmas, Baby It's Cold Outside… UPDATE: apparently we can only get the 7 song sampler in Canada. Thanks for the comments guys!

From the songs in the list, I don't know all of them, I know about half of them. Plus, I didn't know Greensleeves was a Christmas tune!


  • Po
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen La la la la la LA LA! Thanks
  • neera
    hi Anna, how did you get 20 songs? I tried and there was only a 7 song sampler available in canada. The 20 song one was only available in the US...
    • Anna
      Oh I don't actually have itunes installed... I just believed what they wrote on the page (gullible?)! Let me try it and see.
  • cher s.
    I was about to say YAY because I tried get this last week... but found out it was only in the US... and, yes, this is the same one. Drat! But, like Neera says... we can get a 7 song sampler.
    • Anna
      Sorry guys, thanks for the update then - I shall edit my post :)
  • neera
    ah well....hey I'll take the 7 songs! I'll be playing them at our xmas office lunch tomorrow!
    • barbara
      How do you get those at a time or is there a place in the itunes store to go and get it. thanks
  • Bronwyn
    OK, anyone want to clue me in on how to even get the seven song sampler? I just keep getting told NO, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT, YOU ARE CANADIAN.
  • Bronwyn
    Wait. Never-mind, here's the link to it off the main page of the Canadian iTunes Store:
  • Cat
    I tried to get my 7 free songs, which is a great deal, but decided not to after iTunes wanted my credit card number just to create an account. I am not comfortable with them having my credit card number on file, especially with all the problems with personal security these days.
  • salome
    they didn't have the 7 songs for me at all, bummer. they were out?

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