Ideal Free Sweetener Sample

Ideal Free Sweetner Sample

Get a free sample of Ideal no Calorie Natural Sweetener.

Simple fill in your contact info, enter Province where labelled State, and Postal Code for Zip Code, they do send out samples to Canadian locations. The sample should be at your door in 4-6 weeks. You can also get free recipes and coupons on the site.

Now should I use this sweetener sample for coffee or baking?


  • Steven
    I use Ideal regularly. It's made with Xylitol, a healthy sugar alcohol, and chemical free like Stevia (but tastes MUCH better IMHO). Thanks for the freebie Anna!
  • Steven
    I forgot to mention that as far as I know, Ideal Sweetner is only available at London Drugs. Also, I use it in my coffee. I haven't tried it with baking, because it's only available in a box of individual packets at London Drugs.

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