GNC Canada: Free Total Lean Shake 25 Coupon!! (EXPIRED)


*QUICK POST! There are only 1000 of these coupons available!*

Hey Moosers, act fast and head on over to the GNC Canada Facebook page to get your hands on a coupon code a free GNC Total Lean Shake 25. If you are working on a new you for the New Year, then this shake may become your new best friend,

Getting your free coupon is super quick and easy. Just follow the link I provided and click the claim button. The offer will connect with your Facebook and voila - you will  have yourself a free product coupon to try a GNC Total Lean Shake 25. Moosers, you will need a Facebook account to redeem this offer. What are you waiting for?! There are only 1000 free product coupons available!

Once you click the claim button, you will be redirected to a coupon portal to print a coupon for a free bottle of the GNC Total Lean Shake 25. You can use that coupon to choose between three delicious flavours at your local GNC store that sells these GNC shakes. The flavours are strawberry, vanilla and chocolate as you could have guessed. The GNC Total Lean Shake 25 is high protein, high fibre and is said to have a great taste.

There is also another coupon for 20% off everything in the store, so you may want to claim that as well if you are looking for some other health and fitness items that GNC Canada may have. Don't forget to share a free product coupon with a friend who may want to try this shake as well. You can send one to a total of 3 friends, and you will all have 6 days to redeem the coupon.

(Expiry: Soon!!)


  • Laurel M.
    Hi there, nice try... would have enjoyed the shake to try... but it did not forward me to any coupon portal to print anything. Too bad
    • Brooke W.
      Maybe the offer has expired Laurel? Let me try again. Where were you prompted to?
  • YesM
    I just tried it now. I got the message: " Lucky you!It looks like you've received a FREE product coupon from GNC Canada. It's easy to claim your gift, just click the Connect to Claim button below!" Then after clicking, I was asked permission to share my Facebook info, and then I had to share the offer with a friend. After that....nothing happened - I assume they'll email a coupon, right?

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