Future Shop Canada: Flip Your Phone For A Gift Card

19 January 2011


At Future Shop, you can trade in your old ipod or cell phone and get a gift card equal to its current value. Even if you have a really old or broken cell phone with no value, they will recycle it for free and also plant a tree in your name!

Although this promo is valid in store only, your gift card can be used in store or online.

Even if you think your old phone is worthless, you might be surpirsed. Even a gift card for a few dollars would be nice!

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  • Steve Z.
    Where is this mentioned on there website?
  • Jodie
    You can click on the image above.
  • Karen
    I'm not finding any info on their website about this either. Do you have to purchase a cell phone with the gift card?
  • Jodie
    It says on the website that the gift card can be used on any item. Click the image to be linked to the website.
  • Jen
    I turned in my old ipod today and they said that you can only trade in an ipod for money towards a new ipod, not store credit. My old cell phone is now a tree!

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