Free Stuff Canada: Free Coupons & Sample from Veet, Lysol, Electrasol & Air Wick

If you’d like to sign up to get some free samples and free coupons for the following well-known products, just complete the short form on the e-centives page. You’re signing up to the email club, so as suggested in my post about a similar topic, I’d recommend using a free email program to do this.

freebies from them in the near future! Make sure you tick the box to let them contact you with free offers.

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It wasn't a good idea! I was so out of it, I don't really remember what happened. I think I got half way up one leg, and left it at that!

- Anna


  • Brenda
    Hi I saw an advertisement that came up when I was on my hotmail account for a coupon worth up to $14.98 for a Lysol touchless soap dispenser. It said the coupon would be in the local paper. We get the paper everyday and there has not been a coupon this week. Can you let me know when they are supposed to be in the paper? Let me know. Thanks Brenda
  • Judie
    same here in two different papaers and NO COUPON !! the rotters

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