Free Sample of Boss Orange Fragrance

Hugo Boss is giving out free samples of their new fragrance, Orange. You have to fill in your details on their website to claim your free sample.

“Boss Orange” sounds more like a character out of a video game than a perfume!!! But here’s what they say about it: Boss Orange is a warm, complex and inviting fragrance that combines the uniquely liberating notes of crisp apple, white flowers and at its very soul, vanilla and sandalwood.

Flowery, eh?


  • me
    LOL......."please allow 28 days for delivery".......ehhehehehe
  • Joan
    I entered all of my info and it told me that my postal code didn't match the city - I live in Thorold - so I tried St. Catharines, still didn't work...
  • Jayne
    I got the same problem as Joan. Entered my City and said it does not match the postal
  • Shayne
    I just got mine in the mail today. Not what I expected. It is not sweet at all. Its citrus-y, but not sweet. I can definitely smell the white flowers, but It is a well rounded scent, not too flowery, sweet, fruity, or fresh. Just the right combination of all of them. I ordered it about 3 days ago, and it came today, I had no problems with delivery.
  • Steven
    I just received the Hugo "Element" (for Men) sample today. Not what I expected either -- in terms of the sample itself. It was attached to a postcard sent from the UK, and was merely a soaked gauze wipe sealed in foil which laid flat against the postcard. I was thinking it would be a small bottle for a few uses, but this is a single-use sample at best. The scent itself is very nice, however -- a good balance of citrus and woods. For those who mentioned a problem entering their address -- I had the same problem, and the solution was to enter the next nearest major town/city name instead -- and that worked. I think because the samples are sent from the UK, their database must not be loaded with all city names in Canada. The postal code is what gets it to your door anyway.
  • Joy
    I just received my "sample" of the Orange fragrance. Same as another poster had with the "Element" sample. Tiny little postcard! There must have been a computer glitch because I actually got 2 samples!!! How did I ever get to be so lucky?
  • Heather
    Does anyone know if, and where, Boss Orange is available in Canada? I've been searching for it and cannot find it! I loved my free sample!
  • Shayne
    Im not sure if i just keep requesting samples, but I have gotten 5 or 6 so far.. of the same Boss Orange. Do I have memory loss, or do they just keep sending them??!!
  • Joy
    I just got my 3rd one in the mail today. i only requested it once.
  • Shayne
    Ok, so i'm not going crazy. I though I only requested it once! At least it gives you a few days to try it out, and see if you like it. :)

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