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How's this for a nice freebie - a free personalized greeting card! You can send a free card from the Hope Collection on You can choose from  photo cards, encouragement cards, love and friendship cards or note cards.

Click here for your free card @ CardStore

  • Coupon Code: SENDHOPE
  • Expires: 8th September 2009

Apparently, there's free shipping too.

When I did a test, the order was $2.79 plus $0.98 for shipping. When I applied the coupon code, it deducted the $3.77 total - leaving the cart price at zero!

Thanks for the email Megan!


  • Catia
    Does anyone know how to have it shipped to non-US addresses, though? If you register at checkout, the only options for "state/province" are US states and Armed Forces' bases and stuff. Hmm....
  • Shayne
    Catia, You need to "apply" the discount code, and click continue, it forgets about the billing address because the card is free. This just worked for me.
  • Catia
    Thank you, Shayne! =)

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