Free Cereal Coupons From And Websaver


There are two great cereal coupons out today from websaver and  - get your coupons for free boxes of cereal!

Get a free box of either Chocolate Cheerios or Fibre 1 Brown Sugar Shredded Wheat. The coupon is from websaver and can only be redeemed on 21 June 2011.

In celebration of the royal wedding, is giving out coupons for your choice of Corn Flakes, Special K or Vector Cereal.

These coupons are available in limited quantities, so get yours before they are gone!

(Unknown Expiry)


  • Kevin
    Unfortunately, the link for the Kellogs free box of cereal does not work. When you click on the link it takes you to the page but all you get is an "oops" and page restricted. Cheers!
  • Jodie
    You can try:
    • joy
      Says you already claimed your coupon. First link doesn't work either.

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