Empire Theatres Coupons: Great Daily Deals For The Summer!

15 June 2009

Empire Theatres are another Canadian merchant which have decided to start offering us great daily deals! They are doing so in the form of free coupons, which you can print out every day.

First of all, you have to join the Empire Insiders club.

Then once you are registered, you can print out the coupons for free!!!

This week’s coupons are:

  • Monday: 1 Admission Ticket for $6.99
  • Tuesday: Buy a Combo, Get a Free Admission Ticket
  • Wednesday: Buy 1 General Admission Ticket, Get 1 Free
  • Thursday: Admission, Popcorn & Pop for $9.99
  • Friday: Save $2 off a Combo
  • Saturday: Buy a Combo, Get a Free Nestle Single Bar
  • Sunday: Buy a 130 oz Popcorn, Get One Free

If this changes next week, I will be sure to update the post!

Thanks hellochris!

UPDATE: @PhoenixWitch on my twitter feed expressed concern that these coupons might be for Ontario only, as that was the list of theatres on the signup page. As far as I can tell, the coupons are valid Canada wide, as there are no geographical restrictions printed on the coupons themselves.

UPDATE - the Empire Theatre coupons change every week.

July 13 - July 19

    • Monday: Buy One Admission, Get One Free
    • Tuesday: $6.99 Admission
    • Wednesday: Buy a Combo, Get a Free Popcorn
    • Thursday: Buy a Combo, Get a Free Coke Zero
    • Friday: Buy One Nachos, Get One Free
    • Saturday: Buy a 44oz Drink, Get One Free
    • Sunday: Buy a Combo, Get a Free Popcorn

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      • Jane
        These coupons are good nation-wide
      • wench
        the only bad is that they are for that day and that day only. could you imagine the look you would get if you printed out everyone and used them all at once!!
      • brendan
        Today's deal sucks.. you have to buy both admission and a combo and then get your NEXT visit's admission ticket free.
      • Anna
        You gotta take the rough with the smooth Brendy!
      • brendan
        Spoken like a true deal-aholic :)
      • Anna
        I never denied that Brendan :p
      • gordie
        empire sucks big time

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