eHarmony: 7 More Days Of Free Communication


Little late on posting this one, but from October 1 - 10 eHarmony is having a free communication event where you can communicate for free with your compatible matches. No credit card necessary.

I have seen tons of eHarmony advertisements but don't know anyone who has used the system. I have met a lot of people over forums, etc but only ever tried one 'dating site' and never met any long lasting friends even through there. I met my husband the good old fashioned way, in person. Have any of our Moosers had eHarmony success stories?

*Does not include eHarmony mail


  • Karen
    Just letting you know that this us an amercian promotion not Canadian! I can forward u the email confirming this.
    • Anna
      Hi Karen, thanks for letting us know. I don't see any reason why Canadians cannot use it too ?
      • Melissa
        The Canadian site doesn't have free communication going on right now. I'm not sure if Canadians can even sign up for the American site.
        • Avigayil
          It gives the option of signing up from Canada via that link. So I signed up and it just redirects once you get past that page into the website. I have the email advertising this promotion and no where on it can I find it saying 'just US.' Since it allows for you to choose your country (including Canada) I figured it was a decent promo.

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