Canadian Freebies: Venus Embrace Razor


Zarayow has just emailed me with a great free offer for the Bargainmoosers. It is a totally free Venus Embrace razor from Gillette!

Play the game on the above web page, and you can get your freebie!

This is such an excellent freebie! I've had a few free razors in the past - my legs and armpits are thankful!

Many thanks Zarayow!

P.S. The game is easy... just don't put toothpaste on your leg!


  • Avigayil
    Great freebie, you don't see those often!
  • WendyD
    Awesome freebie! :D The game is just BIZARRE though.
  • L
    Awesome freebie! Thanks Anna :)
  • Julia
    I can't seem to get beyond the second frame/page of this offer. I can click on the skin care gel, then the razor, but after that, I just get a still screeen of the leg with foam on it. :(

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