Canadian Freebies: Vegetable Garden Guide


Here's a quick freebie post for you guys. If you would like a free vegetable garden guide, fill in your info here:

As far as I know, the website itself is registered in the US, but they state that they are sending these freebies out to both US and Canadian addresses.

Growing your own vegetables is really rewarding, if you have the time, the space, and the patience! My mom gave me a load of her home-grown lettuce last week, and it was absolutely delicious - a hundred times better than what you get from the supermarket!


  • Hyena
    I need help with planting a garden. I keep trying with plants from seeds indoors every year - but I let my canary eat the sprouts, or there's mold in the soil. I'm looking forward to this booklet to get me growing my own vegetables.
  • Caitlyn
    Thanks for this! Although we have already planted most of our seeds, I'm always looking for more info in regards to when to plant certain things outside.
  • Ashley
    Apparently, they are already out of stock. What a shame; I was looking forward to getting this one.
    • misskitty_79
      Actually, the second paragraph of the message ("Please be patient as we rush to fill your request. Thank you for your interest in home gardening and for visiting Burpee Home Gardens!") sorta reads like they're going to try & send one anyway... Here's hoping!

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