Canadian Freebies: Uni-Ball Free Super-Ink Pen


New Canadian freebie: Get your free Uni-Ball Super -Ink pen:

Uni-Ball is giving away 10,000 pens daily starting at 12:00 noon CST. They go quick so hurry to make sure you get yours. Every freebie counts.

Uni-ball pens seem to write smoothly, let me know how well super-ink writes.


  • Holly
    It's funny how it spells 'check' instead of 'cheque'
  • Stacey
    The freebie is only good for the US.
  • No N.
    Ive been waiting all day for it, and I just realized that, too. Oh well. They are worth full price, they write amazing!
  • Cynthia
    This is not valid for Canadians; see the terms: "T/C's for Web Use (Free Sample Offer) Valid only in the 48 contiguous United States and District of Columbia (void in Alaska and Hawaii). No purchase is necessary for this offer. You must be a resident of one of the 48 contiguous United States or D.C., age 18 years or older, to participate. "
  • Jeanette
    It looks like this pen is offered only to people in the US. Unless I'm doing something wrong, there is no option for Canada.
  • Ada
    I logged on at 1 pm EST specifically to get this and found out it's USA only. Had the same problem with the Escada sample too.
  • Tasha
    Yes, Only US. Annoying, since in the post it says Canadian! Arg...
  • Kate
    I can't seem to access the free pen either. The website given will only accept a US address??
  • anna for those of us, like me whose been refreshing the page since morning trying to get my free pen!!... damn US offers only
  • Sandy
    Just found out the same thing..that sucks
  • Raya
    Why would you post this when it's not even available to Canadians?!
  • Cathy
    Have tried and retried. Says it is Canadian freebie but really it is USA
  • Gonzo
    Just like the other bargainmoosers I too am disappointed....I waited till the time was right only to find out we Canadians can't take part. Booooo!! We use pens too eh!
  • Lisa P.
    only in US :(
  • sandy
    offer is only good in the US.. Am not sure why it was posted as a Canadian Freebie
  • Anna
    Sorry guys, my mistake. I asked Yanyi to write it up for me, but I obviously couldn't see the form until the page went live. I'll mark it as not available, and once again - sorry for the confusion!

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